chuff said: I want to learn both. Big differences?

I wanted to learn both too; but be careful, Dari may hook you like it’s hooked me. I’ll probably still learn both just for the sake of fuctionality. Plus, at Harvard they don’t teach Dari so I’ll have to do Farsi during the school year. But hopefully, I’ll get funding to study Dari at a program this summer. I’m hoping to do intermediate Dari since I already did elementary Farsi… But we’ll see.

Um… I mean there are pronunciation differences. I feel like Dari sounds closer to Tajik. The glottal plosive remains (while it doesn’t technically exist anymore in Farsi).  The vowels I feel are more rounded, especially the short ‘a’ (the zabar). 

I haven’t gotten too far into grammatical and lexical differences. They say that Dari is what Classical Persian probably looked and sounded like. Apparently it retained a lot more Persian words where Farsi pick up a lot of Arabic. I’ve noticed a few differences like the use of the term یاد داشتن (which means remember in Farsi) to also colloquially mean “to know” or “to learn” in Dari… but that I picked up chatting with an Afghan friend. As I find more differences, maybe I’ll post them :)