Designer Goula Figeura’s Orwell day bed lets you easily shut yourself off from the outside world with its light and noise-cancelling curtains.

Basically a designer blanket fort

Despite the genetic diversity of the Pāmir languages, they all, including Wakhī, share suffiecient common features for it to be justifiable to speak of a Pāmir ‘Sprachbund’ […]. Particularly striking are:

1) The use of vowel alternations to show morphological distinctions (in particular gender, tends and transitivity, but also number to a limited extent). Contrast the following forms from the Baǰū dialect of Šughnī […]: θāw (pres.) θud (past masc.), θad (past fem.), θūδǰ (perf. masc.), θic (perf. fem.), θōδǰ (perf. plur.) ‘burn (instrans.)’; θε̄w (pres.), θud (past, old form), θε̄wd (past, new form) ‘burn (trans.)’.

2) The existence of three verb stems: pres., past and perf. (e.g. Wkh. al- (pres.), ald- (past), alətk- (perf.) ‘remain’.

3) The use of verbal endings to show person and number in the tenses based on the present stem, but by contrast, the use of moving agreement particles in tenses based on the past and perfect stems. […]

- John Payne, “Pāmir Languages”, Compendium Linguarum Iranicarum

aubersghost replied to your post “I think I’m about to start learning Tamil”

And those motives are ??? XD

um…. incredibly pure….?

I’m pretty sure this is the Uzbek cover of “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia…. And I’m not sure if I like it better or not….

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I think I’m about to start learning Tamil

Salmão grelhado #dinner #brazilian (at Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine)

Salmão grelhado #dinner #brazilian (at Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine)


Nothing worse than having a strong urge to learn a language but not being able to due to lack of resources 


polyglotted respondeu a sua foto “Something dunya translate”

owadan is Turkmen for beautiful… so like “My world is beautiful” i guess

omg u speak turkmen ?! how did u learn ?!


So, I don’t like “speak” Turkmen… But I’m learning (slowly)… I have a textbook that I bought online… everything else is digital. These are my resources:

raqsbikun is supposed to be learning with me… but she seems to be a bit busy *coughflakecough*

But yeah… I don’t “speak” it… but like, since I’m doing Persianate Central Asia and Afghanistan, I really wanna learn Turkmen… so I’m working on it slowly :)

  • Friend: Oh, you have a German dictionary? I didn't know you learnt German?
  • Me: *sweats profusely*

Articulatory Processes Explained

  • Assimilation: when a phoneme just wants to fit in with the other phonemes
  • Dissimilation: a phoneme going through its gothic stage in high school
  • Epenthesis: when a phoneme gains weight
  • Deletion: when phonemes get a little too friendly with each other
  • Devoicing: a phoneme coming down with laryngitis
  • Metathesis: phonemes playing musical chairs
  • Nasalization: a phoneme with a cold